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Frequently Asked Questions

Taking Your Questions to Heart:

Is Contacting Difficult?
The caring, supportive, and knowledgeable staff at are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you prefer to speak with a live person immediately regarding orders, concerns, or any questions, our toll free customer assistance telephone number is fully staffed and at the ready. If you prefer to write us, you might fill out the short contact form online. Either way, you will receive prompt and courteous service whenever you need it.

How Can You Guarantee Secure Online Transactions?
When we handle your sensitive personal information, it is passed through a completely secure link. Our servers are 128 bit encrypted which ensures that your information is safe and secure! Our longstanding track record for safety and reliability is well deserved.

Do You Offer Consecutive Seating?
All of the tickets on are consecutive seating (next to each other) unless noted on the ticket listing. This is a very rare occasion that a listing would have split seats. If consecutive seating is not available for the tickets you are interested in purchasing, you will see it clearly stated on the ticket notes.

Are All Tickets Authentic?
All tickets purchased from are completely legitimate, authentic, and original. Our connected ticket brokers are the top providers in the industry. In addition, we offer a 100% Guarantee on all tickets ordered from us.

What is the 100% Guarantee?
You can read more about this statement and its benefits by clicking here. You are guaranteed that your tickets are authentic and valid for entry. We also guarantee that if the event is permanently cancelled that you will receive a refund for the tickets you purchased. If you have any questions about our guarantee please let us know and we would be happy to answer them for you.

Do You Offer Last Minute Ticket Sales? is happy to process last minute ticket sales and bookings. Because these types of orders are more labor intensive for us, we do ask that you call in these requests using our toll free number. A ticket representative will help you with your order and explain everything you need to know to get your tickets for the event! If you have any questions, just ask – that is what we are here for!

60,000 Events? Where Do You Get All of These Tickets? works with hundreds of the country's most trusted and prominent ticket brokers, keeping real time records and processing data for each of them so that you are always guaranteed a top notch selection, as well as instant notifications. This partnership is unlike any other, bringing countless benefits to you, the customer.

Who are your ticket brokers?
Our connected ticket brokers work diligently to obtain hard-to-find and popular tickets for every type of event imaginable. We here at provide this service to provide fans and event goers with the largest selection of tickets online. Ticket brokers associated with our company have been completely screened and have passed a rigorous process for legitimacy, so you can feel safe with every order made with us!

What Are Your Site Terms and Policies?
A fully detailed listing and explanation of what we do, how we do it, and what our services provide for you can be found within the User Agreement link. We also offer a Privacy Policy link which outlines our safety and security measures regarding all transactions. Any questions not answered for you within the site can be forwarded to us via either our toll free customer service line or by sending us an email using our contact form online. You can view both our site terms and privacy policy by clicking on each link.

Why Can't I Buy A Single Ticket?
The reason not all of the ticket listings on the website have the option to buy an odd number of tickets (1,3, etc.) is because selling an odd number of tickets can leave ticket brokers with a single ticket and it is harder to find a buyer for a single ticket or an odd number of tickets as the event nears. Our suggestion would be to contact us to see if we have similar tickets available in an odd number of seating or find another person that would like to attend the event with you. Either way, please feel free to contact us and we'll look to see how we can help you with your request.

What is Your Policy on Returns and Refunds?
Our complete explanation of all matters regarding returns, cancellations, refunds, and guarantees can be found under the User Agreement link. Please visit our terms page by clicking here. If you have any questions, please let us know and we would be happy to answer them for you.

Can You Replace My Lost Tickets?
Because each ticket purchased through is 100% authentic, original, and unique; lost or damaged tickets cannot be replaced. We suggest placing your event tickets in an extremely dry, safe, and memorable place upon receipt. For more information about this question, please refer to the User Agreement link provided.


How Do You Price the Tickets That You Sell? does not set the prices for the tickets sold on our website, but rather the brokers themselves are responsible for setting the fair price passed along to you. Percentages are based on carrying fees, efforts to obtain the tickets, delivery fees, and any other related expenses incurred by the broker.

Are Ticket More Than Face Value?
The face value of the tickets is the price of the ticket as determined by the original vendor, but is not reflective of the market value of your tickets. Factoring in demand, supply, effort, and the placement of the seats, brokers are able to sell at market value for their work to obtain the tickets and for your convenience. Our prices are said to be the cheapest tickets in the industry for premium hard-to-find seating.

Can I Compare Face Value to Market Value Before I Buy?
Unfortunately, is not privy to the face value of the tickets offered by our brokers. The only information that we are given is the market value, which is much lower than our competitors.

The Tickets That I Want Have Just Gone Up in Price. Why?
Because of the ever-changing industry, we can't guarantee the price for an extended period of time. If you find a price that you like, you will want to snatch those tickets up right away, because someone else may buy them at that price or the may increase due to demand.

I've Noticed a Service Fee Charge on My Invoice? What Is This? absorbs a great deal of cost when processing payments, maintaining real time services, and of course with the finding and maintaining an excellent ticket broker group to provide you with the best, authentic tickets available. This fee is meant to recover just a bit of these costs.


Can I Track My Order?
Once you have placed an order and it has been processed successfully, you will receive a detailed and thorough confirmation email which lists all of the information pertinent to your tickets. Your broker's contact information can be found here, as well as an order confirmation number. It is best that you contact the broker for explicate details about when and how your order will be shipped, though most tickets are shipped on the day of purchase when possible. Once the tickets are shipping you will receive another email with your tracking codes to track the tickets to your door.

There Is A Different Name On My Tickets?
Often, brokers have purchased tickets from individuals who cannot, for whatever reason, attend the show or event. Our brokers and in return, go to great lengths to research and ensure that all tickets offered are completely transferable and valid. This means that no matter the name, if any, printed on your ticket(s), they are YOURS and they are 100% legitimate to gain entry into the event.

The Tickets I Purchased are For a Postponed Show. What Do I Do?
Any tickets for a postponed event shall be honored on the date and at the venue of the rescheduled event. You do not need to get new tickets, your tickets that you purchased are valid for entry into the event on the rescheduled date.

My Tickets Are For an Event Which Has Been Permanently Cancelled.
Any and all cancelled events, shows, games, or performances are eligible for a refund, and is happy to assist you with contacting your broker and beginning that process. Cancellations are only official when no new date have been announced for the event, and direct confirmation through the original ticket venue has been announced. To receive a refund, just contact your ticket broker that was listed on your receipt and ask for the refund and they will provide you with more information and the time to expect your refund. You can contact us at any time via our toll-free customer service line or through our contact form online if you have any questions.
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CUSTOMER'S COMMENTS I just wanted to say how great our seats were and how much fun we had! We received our tickets so fast. We are looking to another game next month - we'll certainly use you guys again!

Teresa F.
ST. Paul, MN

Thank you! We worked with Matt, who was soo nice and helpful, to get some GREAT seats. The show was awesome, we hope to get more tickets from you in the future. Thanks again!

Jeff K.
Pittsburgh, PA